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Nsw police trained to shoot extremists on sight have faced criticism over their training and tactics

Nsw police trained to shoot extremists on sight have faced criticism over their training and tactics The Department of Justice has launched an investigation after the Department of Social Services claimed it had not implemented effective training measures, including on effective use of force. coque samsung galax grand prime The Department of Social Services said it had training for police on effective use of force. coque telephone huawei y5 2018 At the peak of the terror attacks in Westminster, armed police officers were spotted on rooftops in the streets and at other locations in the capital. coque wiko 2016 This morning, a number of reports have emerged that British Police have been using an aggressive approach in relation to radicalisation. coque wiko rainbowlite 4g One account says: ‘In my six months in the area it is my impression the police have been more aggressively pushing young men into extremist thinking, rather than arresting them for petty crimes.’ ‘Young people have been pushed into radical Islamic thinking and it is being fed to them by the media. ‘Youngsters get hooked. They become enthralled by it, by 로얄카지노ideas like jihadi video.’ Meanwhile, an expert said officers are training with “fear and intimidation” while trying to recruit young adults, rather than just using techniques that have “been used for decades”. The Home Office has said it would not comment on specific cases but it said officers used a range of strategies to ke라이브카지노ep individuals away from being radicalised. coque iphone 4s assassination classroom The training included tactics including: – A phone call from a police officer to a friend and phone to “see if they’re still alive”. – Organising “sneaks or ambushes” with a variety of weapons, including knives, guns and bo크레이지 슬롯mb-making materials. – In order to stop individuals from planning or executing the kind of attack which have occurred, police told them to carry a copy of the ‘Hizb ut-Tahrir’ newspaper which details the plan to carry out an attack.