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New Office App On Android And iOS

Microsoft Office has always been a wonder suite for all professional beings. It comes up with a complete package and powerful features cover iphone 4s subito.it helping us to manage everything from a single place. Be it a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation, you can keep everything handy with this all new Microsoft Office App. The app is basically a suite for both personal and professional use allowing you to freely edit and present things the way you want.

Working on Microsoft Office suite on a PC has always been a great experience, it can be used on mobile devices in a better way. The biggest advantage is you can use it anytime anywhere without hassles. You can quickly check, edit, and share the document, spreadsheet, or presentation custodia cover huawei y6 2017 using either your Android or iOS device. The entire MS Office suite comprises of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentation tools to make it more feasible iphone cover vector and flexible for you to work on different documents. The other benefit of using this entire suite on your smartphone is that it uses very little space as compared to downloading every single application.

The Microsoft Office New app consists of many new features such asOffice Lens integration for quick scanning of documents, allows signing PDFs on your device, cover samsung j3 2016 cani converts images into documents and PDFs, or vice versa. It can also take out texts cover samsung gala j3 2016 and tables from images, allow you to create Sticky Notes for better and smooth working.

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Microsoft Office New app for iOS users is designed for iPhone till now and there is no specific iPad version for now. Although you can use its iOS version on iPad in the small screen mode. This small or zoomed in mode is available for the apps created for the iPhone to be used on the iPad. Similarly, you can use Microsoft Office app on Android phones and tablets both. There are a few differences in both iOS and Android versions of the app. The major difference is the placement and availability of commands on both the operating systems.

Download Microsoft Office: chausson pokemon Word, Excel, PowerPoint More on Android

Download Microsoft Office on iPhone

Here’s How To Use Microsoft Office New App

Using this powerful tool is quite simple and handy especially with its all new mobile application. You can access your important files and data on the go anytime and anywhere. Wondering how to use Microsoft Office new app extensively It is as easy as spinning a coin but also as tough as stopping it from spinning without making any sounds.

Confused Well, don’t be! We are here for your help and to get you sorted. We have compiled a few awesome ways to make the most out of Microsoft new apps for Android and iOS devices.

The very first step is to download the app on your device using the links above. you have to click on ‘Connect Your Account’ link and Sign in using your Microsoft Account login credentials.

You can Sign up for a new custodia cover huawei p9 account if you do not have one already.

Once you are logged in, Microsoft Office app will fetch and collect all cover ricaricabile iphone 6 come funziona the data and display them according to the lately used Office files. The app fetches the collective data including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and Sticky Notes.

What Can I Do With The New Microsoft Office App

As soon as you will open the app you find three separate sectionsHeader, Browse, and Recent Documents.

Header part of the app allows you to access your account information and settings. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Media, or Notes using the Home Menu.

Another is the Browse section, where you can look for files on different accounts or stored locally on your phone. You can also search for a file with its name.

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Now comes the middle sections where you can access all your recent and recommended documents. Tap to open the document using the appropriate application without leaving the new Office app.

You see a couple of options at the bottom of the screen. There is a Home button, a Plus button. The Plus button allows you to create notes, snap images using Lens, create a new cover iphone 5 personalizzate amazon document, sheet or presentation.

Step Wise Guide On How To Use The New Microsoft Office App

Open Microsoft Office new app and click on the file you want to view. Swipe to cover samsung s 7 read the file and tap anywhere to edit. Sometimes, you have to cover samsung a5 2016 justin bieber tap on the pencil like icon at the top to enable editing. cover samsung grand neo plus brillantini You can anytime use the left arrow at the top to return back to batteria custodia iphone 5s the previous screen.

This app allows you to manage even a specific file. For this, click on the ellipsis icon at the right. The next steps differ on both Android and iOS devices. On the iOS apps, share files using a link, invite people, remove any document from the list, open any document in OneDrive, you can change the name, move or delete it, and view its properties. While, on an Android phone, you can only share the document/file, delete it from the list and check cover samsung j3 juventus its properties.

Next is the list of Recent files that you can see as soon as you open the cover samsung s5 neo brillantini app. In case, you are looking for a file that is not in the cover iphone 11 recent tabs, you can click on the Folder icon, located at the top right to cover samsung a6 supreme browse for the files stored at different locations on device or on OneDrive. Also, you can add any cover store milano other cloud storage using the ‘Add a Place’ option or you can simply use the Browse option to look for files stored on any of the cloud storage cover in pelle iphone 6s like Google Drive. Simple isn’t it Wait, there’s a little more you need to know about this amazing app for Microsoft Office users.

To locate a file within your device, you can use the Search bar and enter in the keywords or a phrase in the box. It will show you the possible results and the most recent searches. At the bottom of the screen, you can tap on the ‘See more results’ link to get a list of cover samsung a70 2019 the files related to that search term.

If you want to create a fresh document or file, click on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen and then select Documents. Word, Excel or PowerPoint presentation. Also, you can also create a blank document or choose from the templates. Choose your template type, create a document and return back to the previous page using the left arrow option at the top of the screen. The document you have created will be auto saved…