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Kim Jong THE WIZARD OF OZ 3 custodia cover iPhone8 un invisibility for a while has accelerated rumors about his health and speculation about who can fill the power vacuum in custodia tablet samsung galaxy tab s2 the short and long term if something happens CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIES custodia cover iPhone8 to him. The candidates for the BBC North Korea leadership spoke to experts and tried to understand who the winds of history were blowing.

Ever since North Korea was founded in 1948, a man from the family of the country founder Kim Il Sung has ruled and it is possible to say that the family is a legend before the society.

The teaching of the glory of the Kim dynasty is being instilled before the citizens learn custodia tablet samsung tab4 to read and write. Kindergarten students sing want to see our leader Kim Jong un

In this custodia s10 samsung case, is it possible to custodia samsung s2 plus cellular line think BIBLE VERSES FOR ANGER Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus of North custodia j3 2017 samsung Korea without a symbolic leader at the beginning What custodia tablet samsung euronics does the custodia ARIANA GRANDE LEOPARD Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus tab e samsung 9.6 ruling class and society do in such a situation

We do not know the answer to these questions. Even more CHICAGO CUBS 5 custodia cover iPhone8 interesting, they probably do not know either because they have not encountered such a problem before.

There was always one who BEST BON JOVI custodia cover iPhone8 would rule the country

Kim Jong un came to power 9 years ago POSTERHOUZZ FRIENDS TV SHOW Cover custodia grand neo plus samsung iPhone 8 at the age of 27. Kim, who is 36, is thought to have three custodia samsung a8 2018 a libro children but the youngest is 10 and the youngest is 3 years old.

Observers can track who is in key positions in the country and understand which key institutions are from open intelligence sources. But they cannot say how much power different factions are gathering in power, or who has power through individual ties, not institutions.

Moreover, sometimes vice custodia samsung s5 galaxy presidents of institutions can be stronger RAT FINK HOT ROD Cover iPhone 8 than presidents of the same institutions. All this makes guessing very difficult.

If anything happens to Kim Jong un, there are three more Kim who have the custodia samsung s9 ebay potential to play a role in North Korea BEACH JIMMY BUFFETS MARGARITAVILLE Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus politics. All NFL TEAM LOGO NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS Cover iPhone 8 BATMAN INJUSTICE 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus three have some limits on maintaining the dynasty.

Kim Yo jong is the younger sister of Kim Jong un.

Who is the rising sister of the North Korean leader Kim Yo FAMOUS CARTOON GREYS custodia tablet 12 pollici samsung ANATOMY custodia cover iPhone8 jong

It is said that Kim Jong Il is his favorite daughter and that his father spoke of his maturity and curiosity about politics from a young age.

Kim Yo jong, who is skilled, soft headed, and possibly has high observation power, is also thought to be close to her brother. At the summit, where he met with US President Donald Trump in Singapore, he always pointed out that he extended the pen to Kim Jong un to sign the agreement, and then entered the photos in the background at the summit in Hanoi.

However, after the Hanoi summit, there was a REAL MADRID BLUE custodia cover iPhone8 rumor that their powers were reduced temporarily due to the failure of this summit; but IOWA HAWKEYES NEW custodia cover iPhone8 this has never been verified.

Kim Yo jong is not a member of the Giants Affairs Commission, custodia samsung s 9 where important political decisions are made in North Korea, but he is a member of the ruling party central committee, as well as vice president of the propaganda and agitation section of the Labor LSU TIGERS WALL ART custodia cover iPhone8 Party.

However, Kim Yo jong is a woman, which makes it ALTER BRIDGE ROCK LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus difficult to put her in the top position in a deeply patriarchal country. North Korea, a male state structure and gender ODD FUTURE OF LOGO WOLF GANG Cover iPhone 8 roles bring very custodia samsung j4+ 2018 strict expectations. Going to the rank of leader and especially being the commander of the army is not within the scope PAULO DYBALA JUVENTUS Cover iPhone 8 of the duties and responsibilities of a woman in this culture.

The second is Kim Jong chul. He is Kim Jong un older brother. But he never showed interest in politics or power. (A piece of information about him likes the famous guitarist Eric Clapton.) At most, he can form a symbolic bond with the Kim family, be put in charge of a foundation, or be given a speech.

The third and last Kim is Kim Pyong il, Kim Jong il, the half brother of the previous leader, the uncle of Kim Jong un. He struggled to replace his mother Kim Jong il with his founding leader Kim Il sung, but failed.

Kim Pyong NEW LEGEND OF ZELDA custodia cover iPhone8 il was sent to Europe in 1979 and returned to North Korea last year after serving as ambassador in several countries. It is possible to say that it is very unlikely OVERWATCH GENJI Cover iPhone 8 that they will have strong relationships among the ruling elite in Pyongyang, since he has spent a significant and long period of his life abroad and just returned.

Another strong name of North Korea

There are other strong names in the close vicinity of Kim Jong un, but it is difficult to guess which of them custodia samsung j3 2016 originale would ally or rival each other.

One of them is Choe Ryong hae. He had a career of ups and downs but after a lot NARUTO SHARINGAN ICON Cover iPhone 8 of storm he is still a member of the politburo presidential council and also the vice president of the State Affairs Commission. He was replaced as a symbolic president by replacing Kim Yong nam, who ages last year. So he represents North Korea at international meetings.

Ancient spies and rising politicians

Another strong name is Kim Yong chol, the general who conducts the preparatory contacts of the Trump Kim summits by meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo many times. He is the head of the United Front, responsible for BALTIMORE ORIOLES BASEBALL Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus relations with South Korea, and the head of the country main intelligence agency. It seemed a little retracted after the talks with the US were interrupted, but it is not expected to stay that way for a long time.

Kim Jae ryong is another remarkable actor in North Korean policy. He is chairman of the Council of Ministers, both a member of the State Affairs Commission and an effective position. Little is known about him, but it has been noted that his star has risen in recent years as others have fallen.

It is known that it has a leading role in industry and has been the manager of the region where the country most important military industry is located. This perhaps means that it may be closely related to nuclear projects….