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Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is ‘done being quiet’ and tired of Trump’s ‘demeaning’ abuse Lisa Page, a 39 year old former FBI lawyer whose text messages with colleague Peter Strzok have made her a frequent, persistent punching bag for President Trump and his Republican allies, is “done being quiet.”Why is Page breaking her silence now, nearly two years coque samsung galaxy poket 2 after The Washington Post first disclosed that the Justice Department inspector general was investigating her and, more gallingly, that she and Strzok had an affair First, she told The Daily Beast’s Molly Jong Fast in an interview published late Sunday, she is coque samsung j3 deadpool finally free to talk, 18 months after leaving the FBI. teeshirt licorne The inspector general is also reportedly about to finally exonerate her of allegations she acted unprofessionally or showed bias against Trump in the Russia investigation. But mostly, Page said, she is tired of Trump’s coque samsung galaxy core prime fleur abuse, especially after he used her name in a simulated orgasm at an Oct. coque iphone 11 rally in Minneapolis. “Honestly, his demeaning fake orgasm was really the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Page said. “I had coque samsung a6 cdiscount stayed quiet for years hoping it would fade away, but instead it got worse. . It had been so hard not to defend myself, to let people who hate me control the narrative. coque iphone I decided to take my power back.” Trump has accused her of everything up to and including treason, and while those attacks are “very intimidating,” “sickening,” and “like being punched in the gut,” she said, “I know there’s no fathomable way that I have committed any crime at all, let alone treason.” Page coque samsung vans said she’s saddest coque samsung galaxy core prime lion about the politicization of the FBI and Justice Department, and she cited one example. A week or two after the Post story, “the Justice Department spokesperson, Sarah Flores, calls the beat reporters into the Justice Department . to provide a cherry picked selection of my text messages to review and report on in advance of [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein going to the Hill the next morning,” she said. “I can tell you that the reporters there that night coque samsung j5 2016 ecriture were told that they weren’t allowed to source them to the Justice Department, and that they weren’t allowed to copy or coque samsung a3 2016 fortnite remove them, just take notes.” Flores, who now works for CNN, referred questions to the Justice Department, which declined a request for comment. Read the entire Page interview at The Daily Beast. coque samsung Officials in Paris are fearing potential violence as protests continue to disrupt France’s capital. “Seditious groups want the law of ‘might is right’ to reign, to impose violence on all people who think coque samsung galaxy grand prime vw differently from them,” said Marlene Schiappa, coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 souple the government’s secretary of state for equality, per The Associated Press. Her comments came after a fire on Saturday damaged a renowned Paris restaurant and protesters on Friday forced the Louvre to close. An investigation is ongoing, but Schiappa said the blaze “probably” stemmed from a criminal act. coque samsung She criticized the “hate and violence” she claims stems from the protest movement against pension reform in France that began in December. The “yellow vest” movement has reportedly coque samsung galaxy j5 rabat begun to splinter into subgroups, with some protesters returning to work and others calling for continued demonstrations. coque huawei French President Emmanuel Macron, who patronized the restaurant affected by the fire, was also targeted by demonstrators on Friday as coque samsung galaxy s8 bmw he attended a theater performance. “Video showed protesters chanting ‘Macron resign,’” reports AP, “and some entering a door as surprised police tried to hold them back. A black car reported to be carrying Macron then sped away under a hail of boos.” Read more coque samsung j3 6 nike at The Associated Press. The two FBI employees sent texts criticizing President Trump as an “idiot” ahead of his election. They have faced ongoing disparagement from Trump, who has used their messages as evidence of a “deep state” effort to block his presidency. coque huawei A recent DOJ inspector general report found that FBI employees also sent pro Trump messages during the agency’s investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. Page said last month she’s “done being quiet” about Trump’s attacks. coque samsung Both she and Strzok have said that while they criticized Trump’s character, they never acted in a biased manner during the course of their work. Trump has suggested they are guilty of “treason.” Strzok and Page filed lawsuits against the DOJ last year, alleging the release of their messages violated the Privacy Act. Rosenstein said he allowed the messages to be released to the media “with the express understanding that it would not violate the Privacy Act and that the text messages would become public by the next day in any event.” Read more at Politico. Tshirt pokemon coque iphone Summer Meza The National Archives aren’t exactly archiving everything. In an exhibit meant to document the Women’s March that took place in 2017 the day after President Trump’s inauguration, the National Archives blurred some parts of an image that showed anti Trump messages, The Washington Post reports. The 49 by 69 inch photograph contrasts the large scale march to a 1913 image of a women’s suffrage march. A sign reading “God Hates Trump” was blurred so that it simply reads “God Hates,” the Post reports. Additionally, a sign reading “Trump GOP Hands Off Women” has “Trump” blotted out, and coque samsung galaxy j1 smiley one reading “This Pussy Grabs coque panda samsung a5 Back” is edited to eliminate “Pussy.” “As a non partisan, non political federal agency, we blurred references to the President’s name on some posters, so as not to engage in current political controversy,” said Archives spokesperson Miriam Kleiman. bijoux pas cher The Post notes David Ferriero, the archivist appointed by former President Barack Obama, participated in discussions about the editing and supports the amazon coque samsung s3 coque samsung a5 2017 naruto blurring of the words. The spokesperson said the image wasn’t presented as an artifact, and said the reference to women’s genitals was erased because of young visitors to the Archives. “Modifying the image was an attempt on our part to keep the focus on the records,” she said. Read more at The Washington Post. Summer coque licorne samsung a5 2017 Meza The fourth annual Women’s March is scheduled to take place on Saturday, and activists are expecting thousands of demonstrators to turn out for the events, which will be held in cities around the country. The first Women’s March took place the day after President Trump’s inauguration, and drew hundreds of thousands of participants, reports NPR. This year, the march is expected to be smaller and without the celebrity appearances of years past, in part due to criticism the march’s organizers have faced in recent years regarding inclusion and diversity. coque samsung Microsoft announced plans to coque arriere samsung a5 become “carbon negative” by 2030, seeking to erase its entire carbon footprint since the company’s founding in 1975 and begin removing more carbon from the environment than it emits. The company first coque samsung a5 2016 harry potter wants to reduce emissions to zero across its entire supply chain by coque samsung galaxy s4 mini league of legends 2030, and then focus on eliminating all of the carbon dioxide it has ever released coque samsung a5 cannabis by 2050, reports The Verge. Microsoft has been carbon coque samsung a7 darty neutral since 2012, and achieves this through purchasing renewable energy and carbon offsets. coque huawei Going negative will require more technology and investment than going neutral. “Technology does exist that does this, but getting the price and the samsung a5 2016 coque rigide scalability to where we need it to be is a significant challenge,” said Lucas Joppa, the company’s chief sustainability officer, per CBS News.