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A recent investigation into smartphone radio frequency (RF) radiation has found that certain iPhone models are emitting levels exceeding safety limits. Theon Wednesday published the results of a test into RF radiation carried out by an accredited lab. coque samsung While not all of the iPhones the lab tested exceeded legal limits, coque huawei p30 pro antichoc silicone one of Apple devices was among the worst offenders. The TestingThetested 11 popular smartphone models by securing them below clear liquid to simulate human tissues while a probe tested coque samsung samsung galaxy trend lite the amount of RF radiation the liquid was exposed to. Based on the lab testing, several iPhone models actually tested beyond coque samsung j3 moto legal safety limits. bracelet homme The iPhone 7 was coque huawei p30 lite caseink the worst emitter. The iPhone X and iPhone 8 were only slightly over the limit in some testing, while the iPhone 8 Plus stayed within regulatory limits. collier argent coque samsung coque samsung The newspaper then coque huawei p30 pro rinhoshield contacted Apple with the results, who indicated that they should redo the test coque coque huawei p30 game of throne samsung j7 etanche with additional steps that sensors designed to reduce the coque samsung j3 avec strass phones power. pokemon peluche coque iphone the modified sfr coque samsung galaxy a3 tests were carried out, the iPhone 8 tested below legal safety limits. coque huawei But the iPhone 7 still did not. bijoux pas cher The Tribune also tested coque samsung galaxy s6 edge couleur other popular smartphone models by OEMs like Samsung, Vivo and Motorola. coque huawei coque samsung Many of those devices also tested above legal safety limits. coque iphone Apple ResponseWhile Apple asked Theto carry out additional testing, it actually declined to be interviewed before the publication of coque samsung a 10 amazon the story. In a statement that it shared coque samsung s8 samsung later, Apple contested the results. iPhone models, including iPhone 7, are fully certified by the FCC and in every other country where iPhone is sold, the statement read. coque iphone careful review and subsequent validation of all iPhone models tested in the report, we confirmed we are in compliance and meet all applicable exposure guidelines and limits. coque samsung other words, Apple said the testing was done incorrectly and the results were inaccurate but the company did not detail how. That true for both the first round of testing as well as the second round of modified testing coque samsung j5 bts that Apple asked for. What This Means for YouWe previously covered some of the misconceptions about smartphone radiation and coque samsung galaxy j5 lapin the danger it poses to users. In a nutshell, your smartphone is probably a lot less harmful coque samsung galaxy alpha psg than you think. coque huawei But legal safety limits are there for a reason. And the fact that Apple iPhone 7 might surpass those limits is concerning. It worth noting coque huawei p30 lite glitter liquide that the testing was carried coque samsung a10 psg out in a way to simulate the worst possible conditions: the phones were operating at full cellular power. That coque samsung grand prime aztèque just doesn occur for most consumers except in very specific circumstances, coque samsung galaxy s5 weed such as talking continuously in an area with poor reception. Still, if you concerned about smartphone radiation from your iPhone 7, we recommend keeping your iPhone away from your body as much as possible and using a hands free option when speaking on the phone. This isn the first time that the iPhone 7 has popped up on a list like this. After testing by a German regulatory office, the iPhone 7 ranked 9th in a list coque samsung s7 edge harry potter of the worst smartphone radiation emitters. iphone 11 case CommentAll smartphone makers are required to test their devices for RF radiation and submit their results to regulators before they go on sale. But The Tribune notes that only one device needs to be tested and the OEM coque samsung s5 camouflage gets coque en silicone pour huawei p30 pro to pick the lab. In the wake of Thestory, the Federal Communications Commission coque samsung galaxy s5 lamborghini said that it would carry out its own testing on the specific coque samsung s5 new neo devices that were tested. coque iphone By using iDrop News you agree to our terms and conditions.