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The Kickstarter campaign that was “shut down” by Apple for creating a charging station that had both Lightning and 30 pin vrai coque iphone 6 iPod connectors wasn’t following the specifications required to be part of Apple’s “Made coque iphone 5c phrase francais for iPod” (MFi) program, according to Apple. kawaii licorne Still, Apple has reviewed the coque iphone 6 american horror story specifications coque fils iphone 6 and has apparently reversed course on those restrictions, telling Ars on Friday that it has decided to allow 30 pin and Lightning connectors side by side for charging purposes. coque huawei coque samsung “Our technical specifications provide clear guidelines for developing accessories coque iphone 6 avec popsocket and they are available to MFi licensees for free. coque iphone coque huawei We support accessories that integrate USB and Lightning connectors, but there were technical issues that prevented accessories from integrating 30 pin and Lightning connectors, so our guidelines did not allow this,” Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr told vente coque iphone 4s Ars on Friday. coque iphone “We coque iphone 5s chien silicone have been working to resolve this and haveupdated our guidelines to tour de coque iphone 6 allow accessories to integrate both coque iphone 5c tic et tac 30 pin and Lightning connectorsto support charging.” The iphone 6 coque silicone rouge incident highlights some of the problems accessory creators can face when using Kickstarter to fund yet to be created projects especially as they relate to Apple accessories. Earlier on Friday when we spoke to James Siminoff, the creator of the POP coque iphone 5 c nike Kickstarter campaign, he coque coque iphone 6 bd iphone 6 106 s16 explained that the timing of the iPhone 5 announcement (and its related introduction of the new Lightning connector) is what threw the whole project for a loop. “We were already a member of the MFi program before the release of the iPhone 5. When we came out with the project, one of the biggest questions we got was whether we’d support the iPhone 5, and we said ‘absolutely,’” Siminoff told Ars. coque huawei “At the time, there was no reason to coque iphone 6 avec motif think that they would change the way in which they’re selling [the MFi program].” That is, Siminoff and his company coque iphone 7 plus personalise didn’t expect Apple to make changes to the restrictions placed on the MFi spec he says previously, Apple didn’t have language that would have prohibited an Apple connector to be sold in a product alongside another connector. But eventually Apple did begin to issue new guidelines that said Lightning connectors couldn’t be included alongside any other kind of connector 30 pin or otherwise. bijoux personnalise coque samsung Siminoff says his company interpreted this as not applying to their product. coque huawei “They started to come out with guidelines, and there was one that said Lightning coque iphone 6 plus mercedes would not be allowed in any product that has 30 pin,” he said. coque samsung “We didn’t clarify if that was for chargers or a docking station coque iphone 6s super heros we assumed the latter so while we saw it, it didn’t seem to make sense for what we were doing that they would not allow these two things to be on the same device.” Siminoff went on: “Maybe we should’ve seen that and decided that we can’t make [the POP charger]. coque iphone coque samsung But it didn’t make any rational sense. coque iphone At the same time, they were changing things, updating the policies, so we said, ‘OK we’ll submit the project [to the MFi program] and see what happens.’” What happened was that Apple eventually turned the application down for not following the updated MFi spec. As such, Siminoffmade the decision this week coque iphone 6 bosnie to cancel the project altogether rather than modify it to allow users to plug in their own Lightning cables because it simply wouldn’t have been the product that he originally wanted to produce. bijoux pas cher “We got very strong feedback saying we should still make a product that just has USB,” Siminoff told Ars before Apple decided to coque iphone 6 france update its guidelines, “but I still feel good about the decision to just refund everyone’s money, because we just wanted to make a product that we believed in.” A product they “believe in” would include clean lines and easy to use cables coming from a single charging station, coque iphone paillettes not adapters and ports that users need to plug things into, said Siminoff. coque samsung That’s exactly coque iphone 6s chantier why Siminoff remains skeptical coque iphone x rigide of Apple’s apparent reversal of its decision to bar the combination of 30 pin and Lightning connectors; what about Lightning alongside other connectors 2020 Cond Nast. 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