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We gathered a few videos from around the web below which demonstrate just how durable the new iPhone is, coque iphone 6 versailles and coque iphone initial d as you see the results are pretty impressive, meaning the new iPhone 6s should hold quite well in various harsh situations. bracelet homme coque huawei iPhone 6S Handles Substantial coque iphone 5s trance Water Contact If you ever accidentally dunked your iPhone into water, you know the horrible feeling. But coque iphone 6 semi rigide transparente the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is impressively tolerant to substantial water coque iphone 6 je le ferai demain contact, and by substantial water contact we mean complete submersion in water. At least, that what a few coque coque iphone 5 it iphone 5 jaune demonstrative videos have shown, and one video demonstrates the iPhone 6S being submerged entirely in a bowl of water for an hour coque iphone se ethnique without an issue, whereas another video demonstrates the iPhone 6S Plus being sent into four feet under into a swimming pool, where it started having problems after a few minutes. coque samsung coque huawei coque iphone 5 siliconne Watch yourself to get an idea. bijoux bracelets The iPhone in a bowl of water submersion test (lasts an hour, impressively): The iPhone in a swimming pool submersion test (lasts just a couple of minutes before an issue develops): Now, we certainly wouldn recommend you try this yourself with your own iPhone 6S, but as you can coque iphone 4s japon see in the video above, the iPhone appears to have coque iphone 5c ian somerhalder no immediate issue despite being submerged in water. coque iphone This is pretty cool, but until (assuming if ever) Apple starts advertising the iPhone as water resistant, it still good protocol to handle substantial water contact with an iPhone in the traditional manner of turning it off and letting the device completely dry to avoid any serious damage. coque samsung Better safe than sorry. In other words, no, that does not mean the new iPhone 6s is waterproof, if urban outfitters coque iphone 5c anything its somewhat water and liquid resistant if retirer une coque iphone you act quickly. teeshirt licorne coque iphone Maybe future iPhone models will have water resistance as an official feature though, who knows The iPhone 6S Plus Won Bend in Any Reasonable Situation You may recall that when iPhone 6 Plus debuted, some users reported the phone was bending slightly after sitting on the device or placing it into a stress position. This appears coque iphone 5s pandab to no longer be an issue, as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus uses a stronger aluminum that apparently is extraordinarily difficult to bend, making it very unlikely to happen in any vaguely reasonable situation. bracelet homme The video below demonstrates that it takes two guys applying a substantial amount of force to cause the device to coque iphone 5 a diamant warp. coque samsung The lesson is pretty clear; if you concerned about the iPhone 6S bending or warping, don be. coque iphone This thing is tough, it not going to bend unless you do really muscle the thing in some outrageous situation. iPhone 6s Survives Reasonable Drops The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus seem to survive reasonable drops onto hard surfaces fairly well. bijoux personnalise I discovered coque iphone terminator this myself when I dropped my brand new iPhone 6S Plus without a case onto a concrete floor about 10 minutes after I got it (dropping a brand new iPhone must be some new unknown unwritten law of physics). iphone 11 case coque iphone 5 tendance Typically a drop onto a hard surface would leave a pretty notable ding coque iphone 5 stylet into the corner of an iPhone 6, but my new iPhone 6S Plus survived coque iphone 6s plus dior with just the finest mark in the corner instead, so the the metal is definitely harder coque iphone 5 silicone liquide and sturdier. coque huawei coque samsung Here a picture of it after it was coque iphone 7 tunisie dropped, as you can see there is basically no obvious evidence it suffered a fall onto concrete flooring: I wouldn recommend intentionally dropping an iPhone, but a few enterprising individuals on YouTube have decided to do exactly that, in what are known as tests As you can see the results are pretty good, and in some typical situations the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus survives reasonable drops without issue, but eventually the the screens do indeed shatter they are made out of glass, after all. Here a guy who intentionally dropped the iPhone 6S Plus face down from about coque aimant iphone 5 ten feet high, coque iphone 4 panpan which it managed to survive.