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Secret Settings Features 25 Hidden Android Tricks Secret Settings You Must Check OutVivek02 Jan 2019GuidesMost people keep using their Android device with just basic features and settings enabled without exploring all things. If they only try to dig a little deeper into the features and settings that lay hidden, they could customize and personalize their device in a lot better way. Here are 25 Android coque iphone 4 tong hidden tricks and secret settings that we think every Android user must check out.Android has grown to become the most popular operating system in the world when it comes to the number of devices out there running the OS. There more than enough variety among the 2 billion plus Android devices out there but there are also many similarities.Over the years Android has gained so many features some of which even seasoned users may not know about. Here are such 25 Android hidden tricks, features and settings that you may not have known about. Before you scroll down, forget to take a look at some secret Android tricks coque iphone 5 tablette chocolat and hacks.1 1. Change Fontsize2 2. Change Display size3 3. Reduce data usage4 4. coque huawei Find your phone5 5. Save storage space automatically6 6. Stop apps from appearing on your home screen automatically7 7. coque huawei Pin apps to the share menu8 8. Screen pinning9 9. Customize quick settings10 10. Dual tab viewing on Chrome11 12 12. coque iphone Modify app permissions13 13. coque huawei Do Not Disturb rules14 14. coque samsung Control battery use15 15. coque iphone xr cocooning Automatically unlock your phone16 16. Snooze notifications19 19. Different Ringtones coque iphone 5s attrapeur de reve for different contacts20 20. Increase or decrease animation speed21 coque iphone 5 taille 21. coque samsung Pick a more personal emoji22 22. Cast your Android screen to a bigger coque iphone 6 humoristique display23 23. coque samsung Show emergency information24 24. Change FontsizeRight below the Font size setting under Settings > Display is the Display size setting. bague argent It lets you adjust the size of the UI elements which makes everything on your screen bigger or smaller depending on what coque iphone 6s snapchat you choose. There are a total of 5 presets to choose from here. Reducing the display resolution coque iphone 6s hunter x hunter can increase battery performance on your Android significantly.3. Reduce data usageNewer versions of Android have an inbuilt data saver that restricts data usage of apps, especially in the background. If you running low on data, you can easily enable data saver from the quick settings although you may have to manually add the Data Saver tile first. Alternatively, you coque iphone xr 6 1 can go to Settings > Network Internet > Data usage where you find the option to turn on Data stitch coque iphone xr Saver.4. Find your phoneCan find your phone Usually, you have fleux coque iphone to ask someone to ring your phone or find another coque iphone garance doré phone to ring your phone. coque iphone coque iphone But you don have to with your Android. If you own more than one Android device, you be prompted to select one.Not only can you see its location on Google Maps but also ring it or erase everything on it. The ring also works even if the phone is on silent and rings for a full 5 minutes. So that an advantage over a traditional method of ringing to find your phone.5. coque iphone Save storage space automaticallyWe take so many photos and shoot so many videos through our smartphones, some more than others. You bound to run out of storage at some point if your phone doesn have a ridiculous 128GB or 256GB of storage. Android Nougat and above have an easy solution for this. You can use Google photos to upload all your photos and videos to the cloud and Android will automatically delete the local copies to save storage space on your device. You can turn this feature on under Settings > Storage and toggle on Smart Storage.Don Miss: All You Need to Know about Google Digital Wellbeing6. coque huawei ma coque iphone 7 plus Stop apps from appearing on your home screen automaticallyUnlike iOS, Android has an app drawer so apps appearing automatically on the home screen doesn make sense to everyone. I, for one, like my home screen free of clutter. To stop apps from appearing on your homescreen automatically upon installation, launch the Google Play Store app. Go to Settings from the side menu drawer and uncheck Add icons tohome screen. Depending on your launcher, you can also find a similar option in its settings.7. Pin apps to the share menuAndroid Nougat may not have been the most dramatic change from its predecessor but it brought many hidden treats with it. One of those was the ability to customize the Android share menu, somewhat. If you tend to share mostly with specific apps, you can easily have them pinned to the top of the share menu. To do this, simply share something from an app and when the share menu comes up, long press on the app icon you want to pin. Select Pin coque iphone kelly on the popup and the pinned app will always appear towards the top of the share menu.8. coque huawei Screen pinningIntroduced way back in Android 5.0 Lollipop and never since talked about coque iphone 5 thrasher is a feature called screen pinning. It a handy feature for those concerned about their privacy when handing over their device to nosy friends or family members. It basically lets you lock an app or process to your screen so nobody can get out of that app and wander around unless the phone is unlocked. The feature also is usually disabled by default making discovery a little difficult.To pin an app to screen, first make sure you turn on Screen pinning under Settings > Security privacy. Then tap on the recents button and you find a pin button towards the bottom right on your most recent app card. Tap on it and the app will be pinned to the screen.9. Customize quick coque iphone 6 silicone rigide settingsAnother awesome feature introduced with Nougat was the ability to customize the quick settings page. When you tap on the edit icon (looks like a pencil) coque iphone xr ananas on the quick settings page, not only can you re arrange quick settings tiles but also add newer ones or remove some of them. Google also opened it up to third party developers which means you can add a lot many quick coque velour iphone xr tiles than the default ones that ship pre built with your phone.We mentioned several quick settings apps before that let youcustomizethe quick settings.10. Dual tab viewing on ChromeSo everyone knows how to coque iphone 5s m.pokora split screen on Android and use two apps side by side. Most people don know, however, that you can also view two separate Chrome tabs side by side as well. Just make sure you have two tabs open on Chrome and then launch the split screen view by long pressing on coque iphone 7 belle the recents/overview key. If you do though, Oreo notification channel system gives you granular control over your app notifications. Instead of completely stopping all notifications from an app, you can long press on the app notification and go to More Settings. Here, you can select exactly which annoying notifications you want to stop. You can also reach here by tapping App Notifications on the App info screen.Do you know that by calibrating the battery you can have longer battery life You must read our tutorial to learn how to calibrate the Android battery.12. Modify app permissionsRight below the App coque iphone 5c disney ariel notifications setting you can find the Permissions setting. Here you can control what permissions you want to allow an app and also turn off previously allows permissions.13. coque iphone Do Not Disturb rulesAndroid has a native way to silence your coque toy story iphone xr phone at night or during meetings for you victoria secret coque iphone xr automaticallyifyou know where it isandremember to set it up. In the Sound section of your device Settings, you should find something like Do Not Disturb.