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Bridgetown bushfire emergency warning downgraded in south west NSW to yellow with bushfire threat from fire risk to life

Bridgetown bushfire emergency warning downgraded in south west NSW to yellow with bushfire threat from fire risk to life


A bushfire emergency warning has been downgraded to yellow in southern NSW with the threat of bushfire danger to life in west to south areas.

The bushfire alert status changed to yellow from yellow alert with warning from fire risk to life in the state’s south western cojarvees.comrner due to the rapid spread of the blazes in the northern and southern regions.

Emergency personnel say they are keeping an eye on conditions and warned residents not to be alarmed in the areas where fires are burning.

Flinders University meteorologist Tim Hofer바카라 said the red warning will continue to be monitored and issued for two to four hours at a time on an ongoing basis.

He said the fire activity had spread to a significant distance from the areas hardest hit by the blazes.

“There were huge amounts of bushfires in this area, there are a couple of towns on the outskirts of it all but also in some of the bush areas with no access to transport because of the roads being burnt,” he said.

“We바카라사이트 do have very isolated areas that were not affected by the blazes which was just the latest thing.”

Firefighters urged residents to be prepared for bushfire action as soon as possible.

Couple who were evacuated from town to help after evacuating

Emergency worker Andy Davis said two couples from west to south Bourke were recently evacuated from their home after their vehicle caught fire.

“A couple of the members of the couple came back to Bourke and are currently looking to help others in the town,” Mr Davis said.

They were in the town today and were doing what they thought was necessary with their cars to get out and get the cars put out.

“They were just trying to stay positive with each other and try and keep those kids off the roads at night and to be safe in there so I think it was a positive step that the fire had stopped at that particular stage.”

Mr Davis said they were doing the best they could to help people.

He said he understood the people who were staying with the families in the town were worried and anxious but he believed most people were safe and sound.

“We need to get them off the road as soon as possible so they can get to safety,” he said.

Firefighters say the blazes are likely to spread into the region as the blazes moved closer to the city centre on Frida