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AMERICA SNIPER CHRIS KYLE Cover iPhone 6 6S OnePlus 8 goes against the current in terms of the cam-custodia originale huawei mediapad m3 lite 10-lonetb

OnePlus 8 has a completely new set of cameras, which consists of:

basic module with a Sony IMX586 matrix with a resolution MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO FACE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S of 48 megapixels (pixel size 0.8 micrometer), lens ONE cover per iphone 5 ops DIRECTION TATTOOS Cover iPhone 6 / 6S f / 1.75 with PANIC AT THE DISCO BY SAMARA BLACK Cover iPhone 6 / 6S optical stabilization, ultra wide angle module with 16 KATE SPADE GREEN STRIPE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S MP matrix and f / 2.2 lens with 116 degree viewing angle, macro photography module with 2 MP matrix (1.75 micrometer pixels) and f / LA DODGERS DARK FLAMES Cover iPhone 6 / 6S 2.4 lens. Yes, it not a mistake. There is PLAY BOY BUNNY element cover iphone LOGO SPARKLE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S no telephoto lens on the cover protettive iphone 6 smartphone, which is a big surprise for two reasons. First of all, OneOlus 7T was equipped with a telephoto lens, and secondly, the zoom factor grows into one of the largest bargaining cards cover iphone 6 plus panda of the producers.

Samsung in the top model focuses on digital zoom with x100 NIKE METAL LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S magnification and 10 fold hybrid magnification. Huawei focuses on fifty times digital zoom, but emphasizes AMERICAN HORROR STORY FREAK SHOW Cover iPhone 6 / 6S the better quality of its MICKEY MOUSE KISS Cover iPhone 6 / 6S solution. In fact, even Xiaomi succumbed to this trend by showing a 10x hybrid zoom in the Mi 10 Pro.

Against this MEGA BLAZIKEN VS MEGA LUCARIO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S background, OnePlus NEW CLUB AMERICA AGUILAS Cover iPhone 6 / 6S 8 falls quite pale because it offers only a double cover iphone birre digital zoom. This is a surprising decision, because 2020 is a zoom in mobile photography. Only now smartphones have gained very useful and good quality enlargement. At least up to a reasonable level of magnification, such as 10x. Extreme values 50x and 100x are still rather purely marketing.

However, the telephoto lens will slide down in the higher version of the smartphone, the OnePlus cover caterpillar iphone 5 8 Pro.

It looks like the OnePlus 8 will be similar. The macro module parameters are identical to those of LEXUS CAR Cover iPhone 6 / 6S the mentioned Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. So we have a tiny (literally and figuratively) matrix with a diagonal of 1/5 inch and a mean resolution of 2 megapixels, supported by a lens JUVENTUS PAULO DYBALA Cover iPhone 6 / 6S with not very good f / KENDRICK LAMAR TOUR SHOW Cover iPhone 6 / 6S 2.4 brightness.

We will speak more broadly about the quality of photos after the smartphone hits our hands, but the macro lens specification does not bode well for quality.

As a customer, do you prefer a macro lens instead of a telephoto lens Personally, I focus on a telephoto lens, which is far more useful when photographing with a smartphone. A fake macro lens because it difficult to talk about a real macro from a smartphone is much less useful. It is a curiosity that will benefit a few. The average user will check this lens out of curiosity and may never return to it again…