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AMERICA SNIPER CHRIS KYLE Cover iPhone 6 6S How to Hide SMS on Android to Keep Your Messages Priva-cover iphone se rosa-wtsxml

I hope you with me cover samsung galaxy j3 2016 panda when OWSLA RECORD LABEL Cover iPhone 6 / 6S I say: It annoying ALL BLACKS NEW ZEALAND RUGBY Cover iPhone 6 / 6S when PIERCE THE VEIL FRANKENSTEIN AVAGE STATIC Cover iPhone 6 / 6S people grab your phone and reads personal messages that you don want to share. Even when messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, and KakaoTalk emerged, this issue remained.

Af I not mistaken and security are probably the cover samsung galaxy j 1 2016 biggest concerns for most Android users.

If it NBA LA LAKERS GAME Cover iPhone 6 / 6S a big concern to you, you might want to try a Privacy Screen Protector which will lessen the chances of wandering eyes from reading your messages KATE SPADE FLOWER IN BLACK Cover iPhone 6 / 6S without you being aware.

Protect your device ADAM LAMBERT STYLE Cover iPhone 6 / 6S from prying eyes!

How to protect the privacy of your messagesHowever, Android developers cope up with this issue and introduced cloud storage JULIAN EDELMAN 11 PATRIOTS Cover iPhone 6 / 6S that makes sure that your data is safe.

For users, even if instant messaging is quite popular on Android, a lot of people still use SMS as a way of communication.

The bad news is, there are LOS ANGELES DODGERS LA Cover iPhone 6 / 6S times when other people invade your privacy by reading your SMS.

Don worry! Be smart and just hide them!

So if you’re looking for a way to hide your incoming SMS and MMS from the default messaging app on your Android device, continue reading.

It not a secret that Android phones do feature lock screens in order to lock everything on your phone.

But it might be annoying to enter the pattern or password every time you want to use your phone. If you’re fine with people accessing other data on your phone other than SMS messages, then the method mentioned below is the perfect cover samsung j3 2016 cani option.

The methods below KATE SPADE STRIPE POLKADOTS Cover iPhone 6 / 6S also help you to hide text message notifications on the lock screen. Also, you can hide incoming text messages from a specific contact as well.

How to Hide SMS Messages by Archiving ThemArchiving SMS messages on your Google messenger app will help you hide the texts you don KTM READY TO RACE 4 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S want to be seen without having to delete them.

If you don already NIKE AMERICAN FLAG Cover iPhone 6 / 6S have the Google cover samsung galaxy core prime libro Messenger app, you can get it by clicking on the button below.

Open the Messager AppAfter opening the app, slide the message to the right to MARVEL ANTI VENOM Cover iPhone 6 / 6S archive it.

Open App

See Your To see the cover samsung s7580 LEGEND OF ZELDA MAJORA'S MASK EPIC Cover iPhone 6 / 6S messages you archived, just tap on the three dots menu and select Archived.

Download and Install the AppThe app is free, with in app purchases available.

App Logo

Create and Confirm Your PINThis will be necessary to access your hidden SMS messages. You will also have the opportunity to create a pattern, cover samsung s9 flip if you are more comfortable with that.

Create a PIN

Set OKAMI WOLF JAPAN MITOLOGI Cover iPhone 6 / 6S Up RecoveryThis is necessary in case you forget your PIN. If you looking for other messaging apps, you can check out our list of Best Messaging Apps…