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What stage is your concern for the centers and your dialogue with the government

It is not something that we say now, we have been denouncing it for more than a year, when the bill came out. Additional Provision 4 gives free rein to the autonomies that can transform the special education centers that we now know into resource centers with hardly any students. During this ALFA ROMEO CAR STYLE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover time, the government asked us to be reassured that when the amendment process came out, it would make a modification to the text, but the time has come and in times of confinement they have not paid any attention to us so far. We are waiting because the amendment process ends on May 6, but nothing has been communicated to us.

What expectations do NEW AVENGER INFINITY THANOS HAND Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus you have for this phase of amendments

Just yesterday we sent a letter to all the political parties that are in the Communication Commission to ask them to defend a law that would leave all families with children with intellectual disabilities alone. On the one hand, we request the elimination of this 4th Provision and, on the other hand, that the endowment of resources for ordinary centers be guaranteed. Although the law says that they will be given the means, if there is no economic study, there is no feasibility plan and the PGE is taken into account to bring that money to the autonomous regions to provide more resources, it will not work Not at all.

You GREEN BAY PACKERS SKULL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover consider that this model is unfeasible, protected by the opinion of professionals and experts.

This has been seen in other more advanced MEGADETH RUST IN PEACE 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover countries in this regard that made a total inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities, it has been seen as a failure and they have had to go back. This has happened in England, where they have proven that it was not viable, it was negative for some students.

That is, rather than inclusion, does it produce exclusion for practical purposes

The problem is that in most cases only the economic means are taken into account and it BACKWOODS HONEY BERRY Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover is suggested that, if there were much more money which there is not MICKEY MOUSE PAPER Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the ordinary centers could be provided with all possible means, the inclusion total could be real. And that is not like that. Not only is the economic issue and trained professionals important, but the environment is fundamental at the level of sensitivity, physical, sensorial and affective stimuli. I always comment on the case of my son who has sensitivity to noise. He could not be in a school of 300 students with the noise of the dining room, recess, hallways. It would be a constant trauma for him. You have to be in a school with 30 students, without noise, with more controlled environments. And in other cases such as Down syndrome, which are very affective, the fundamental thing is to have friends, boys and girls with the same interests and with the same speed of learning. And that in an ordinary school is not possible many times.

You consider that the decrease would be a sibyllin of the special education centers due to the economic drowning.

We have been saying for more than a year that it is a KAKASHI NARUTO 3 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover very ambiguous provision that is left to a free interpretation that can cause special education centers to become resource centers to support ordinary schools and that they have to stop having students. It is true that they will not be closed, but they would not continue to be special education centers in the current concept. Our fear is that only the most complex cases remain, autism problems with serious conduct disorders; children bedridden or with a respirator or with nasogastric feeding, and in the rest of the students nothing would be done: to ordinary schools. We ask that all possible supports be given to ordinary schools first. And the special education centers are working very well and you don need to BLACK PANTHER FACE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover touch them.

Could the consequences on education in these cases be very serious

The fact that a child with an intellectual disability is in an inappropriate environment does not only mean that he is AIR JORDAN IN RED Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover not going to learn or that he does not have friends, but that his health is at risk. A student who is in a situation of continuous stress and in an unfavorable environment may suffer an epileptic crisis that, if he is not the right professional and does not know how to treat it, may die. A girl with cerebral palsy can drown in a dining room if she does not have the speech therapist next to teach her and help her swallow. A child with autism may have an anxiety crisis and bang his head against the wall until his skull fractures if he doesn have the right person. They are very serious cases and you cannot frivolize as you are doing.

Do they appreciate an ideological component in the Disposition

Of course, there is an intention to create a single system, that there are no different modalities, that all students have the same educational system and that students with disabilities have to adapt to the rest, and CHAMPION LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover we see that this is not feasible. We believe that it is not necessary to give all the students the same, but to give each one what they need. And with a single system it is not feasible, because in intellectual disability there is such variability of components, of disorders, of limitations of abilities, that what they need is A DAY TO REMEMBER HEARTLESS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover for there to be the greatest possible educational models. In Spain, it has been fortunate that until now we have had a special five star education, brilliant, that we are possibly a worldwide reference, that come from many countries to see what we do here, and it seems that we want to take it away. It is what we do not understand. The models are around half of concerted and public. But both of them offer a magnificent service.

Is it proven that special centers enhance capacities and increase yields

This is so, and the synergies between different professionals is WASHINGTON NATIONALS MLB Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover essential. They are very complex disorders and the daily coordination between the speech therapist, the physiotherapist, the neurologist, the classroom teacher is essential.

The point is that a specific and differential application such as that offered by special education centers is essential.

One of the issues that greatly alarmed us when we spoke with Minister Cela is when she told us that the Government objective was to reduce the percentage of students who were enrolled in special centers. We told him that we did not consider that this should not be the objective of an education law, to reduce the percentage, but to provide the means for education to work in the most optimal way possible, both in ordinary and special centers. That, depending on the needs, a child will have to have the service in one modality or another. That our children are not a percentage, they are not a number that looks nice in a statistic that shows that the percentage of special education has decreased, because that does not show that they will be better. It does not take into account that the MARIO VS SONIC Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus type of intellectual disability is changing. In these years there are many more cases of autism, now practically no children are born with Down syndrome. You cannot make a comparison about inclusion, but rather if the children have a good BATMAN VS SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover academic development, an emotional well being It is what you have to prioritize. When it comes to segregation, the need for most of them to be in ordinary schools, it already is. 100% physical disability is already in them, and intellectual disability, which is the most complex, BOSTON CELTICS BASKETBALL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover 87% is in ordinary schools and only 15% is in special education schools.

Family satisfaction with the current model is high.

Last year a survey KENZO PARIS TIGER Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was carried out in the Community of Madrid and 92 93% of the families were very satisfied. They rated the education their children received as outstanding. How can you consider modifying an education that is outstanding Improve the ordinary one, which is the one that is crying out for more average years, and we say it from the platform, and that it. With that it would be a great job.

They are aware with the parliamentary arithmetic of the difficulty of the Platform NISMO LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus task. Are you thinking about the autonomic derivative

We LEXUS WHITE CAR GOLD LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are in contact with the different autonomous communities and each one has a totally different situation. With the same law, each decided to promote one type of education or another, since the powers are transferred. The more open the law and the more ambiguous, the more afraid we are of doing certain kinds of things.

Do you think that education needs to be rethought given the current situation

One of the things we considered is that the Education Law does not only affect intellectual disability, it is for the entire population. With what we are living with the covid, it is a very good time to consider many things. We do not know how the virus is going to evolve, how it is going to change the life of society in the coming years, many of our guidelines are likely to change. It is a great time to go around the system, reach a political consensus on education, enrich the educational system, but what the government wants is to get it out as soon as possible. He did not want to modify the text to access the procedures, now he uses this phase of confinement where people BMTH SEMPITERNAL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover cannot demonstrate to continue processing the law, it seems that he does not want there to be appearances during the law process to speed up the procedures. It is not a good thing to want to get such an important education law as soon as possible, one of the most important for society, which in recent years has generated controversy…