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Amazon.it cover iphone xr rossa Does new Huawei smartphones have usable apps-Galaxy A3 protective Cover | Samsung Support IE-sfvgrw

By now it’s no secret that there’s something missing from Huawei’s latest flagships that we’ve all been accustomed to using. Even so, your Mate 30 or P40 ODD FUTURE GOLF WANG CAT Cover iPhone 8 still has plenty of “smart” in that smartphone. ROCKY BALBOA UNDERDOG Cover iPhone 8 That goes beyond what you’ll find on FALLING IN REVERSE custodia cover iPhone8 the AppGallery.

If you hang around a lot of tech pages or blogs, you’d know exactly what’s missing. People are quick to point that out whenever stories about Huawei’s new phones come up.

You would have also probably noticed all the sponsored articles on the matter. To be clear, this particular article isn’t. The rest of the team is working on those because we gotta keep the lights on. iPhone 6 Plus custodias For today, this here is more of an honest, and hopefully helpful take on the matter.

Some of their communication strategy which involves highlighting the number of apps available and how it now the third largest App Store, I think, is a little misguided. But that’s RAFAEL NADAL LOGO Cover iPhone 8 a conversation for another day. For now, I’ll try to answer some questions that some friends and Finch Bad Habits iPhone 6/6S/7/8 PLUS Cover GadgetMatch followers have asked.

What can you find RAVENCLAW HARRY POTTER 2 custodia cover iPhone8 on AppGallery

A lot, it turns out. When the Huawei Mate 30 series first came out, the app selection was looking a little lean. Fast forward to a few months later and the apps you’ve come to know and love are all starting to slowly be NARUTO SHARINGAN EYE Cover iPhone 8 available.

In the Philippines Cover iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6S Plus you already have Viber, WeChat, Lazada, SnapChat and some pretty useful ones like GCash, PayMaya, SHAREit, and SKULL FRIDA KAHLO Cover iPhone 8 Canva among others.

In Singapore, transportation and ride hailing apps like ComfortDelgro, TADA and RYDE have already made their way to the AppGallery.

You can also find links to your favorite apps that aren’t available for direct download on AppGallery. Say for example, WhatsApp. Here’s how you can get it.

Step 1: Search Whatsapp official link in the AppGallery.

Step 2: Click on the selection that says Official download link from Whatsapp to open the link.

Step 3: Once directed to the Whatsapp official website, click download now and installation will take place immediately.

What about apps that are NOT on AppGallery

Fun fact: There’s a wishlist section on the AppGallery where you can let Huawei know what apps you desperately want to be available. Just make sure your App Gallery is updated so you can find it.

Huawei is pouring a lot of resources to make sure ALL the apps are available on the App Gallery. They’re not there yet. However, with the company being aggressive, the growth is promising.

If you really need to get your hands on certain apps there’s a workaround. There are third party app stores that you can get to through the phone’s browser. Sites and apps like APKPure and APKMonk provide you access to apps that may not yet be present on the App Gallery.

Personally, I’ve opted to go the APKPure route. NEW CRASH BANDICOOT custodia cover iPhone8 If you’re worried about updates, APKPure actually handles that for you. Since installing some apps, I’ve consistently gotten updates that cover both new features and additional security.

Is the AppGallery secure

In a previous article, Huawei confidently told us, “We do not touch data. That’s a policy from top down.” They also pointed out how NEW YORK YANKEES Cover iPhone 8 they have never been caught doing anything with users’ IH INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 3 custodia cover iPhone8 data that’s something that can’t be said from the likes of Google or Facebook.

Huawei also sent us a presser on how secure the App Gallery is. It talked about a four layer threat detection.

In a lot of ways, it’s similar to Google’s Play Protect and the security layers on Apple’s App Store. It’s likely not perfect, but it’s there and it will detect and deter malicious software.

Now on the US government’s accusations of Huawei working in tandem with the Chinese government to spy on its users, the company has adamantly denied this. For its part, STAR WARS JEDI LOGO Cover iPhone 8 the US hasn’t been able to provide any substantial proof to back its claim. Remember, burden of proof lies on the accuser.

The Chinese government itself is a whole other socio political issue altogether. Until a solid link is established, Huawei probably knows about you just as much what phone makers like Apple and Samsung do. It’s missing certain essentials one in Apple iPhone 6s 6s Plus 7 7 Plus particular is a reliable maps app. You would still have to go to the browser and search PATRICK SUPREME HAWAII Cover iPhone 8 for Google Maps for something that’s actually usable.

For many Google apps, that’s your workaround. Look OVERWATCH GENJI COOL No Clasp for Apple iPhone 6 Plus Cover iPhone 8 for it from the browser and create a shortcut on your homescreen. If this is something you can live with, well and good. But it’s hardly an ideal setup.

I rely on several Google services that have no alternatives a lot of which are actually present even on iPhones. Two in particular are Google Cast and Google Photos. Don’t get me started with Huawei Cloud. It just isn’t the THE JOKER BLACK custodia cover iPhone8 same.

Cast is iPhone 6s Plus Cover Premium Book Type fine, I imagine not a LOS ANGELES LA DODGERS MLB custodia cover iPhone8 lot of people will use it. But there’s no alternative to the features and convenience of Google Photos. Unlimited photo backup with access to nearly every other device. That, to me, is irreplaceable…