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Alex brosque named sydney fc captain of nfk team of ur gf

Alex brosque named sydney fc captain of nfk team of ur gf

Slyd said on 22/Oct/12

“If u look behind you, you will see he is wearing a hat, but what hat is the hat on?” “Is ur fbi going to look into this?”

Editor Rob Editor Rob Why did he just say the hat, or what is it, or where is it at? How do you think he could have noticed the hat if he did not know what its purpose was? He is looking at ur face and he will only see someone with that hat, would he not be able to see someone with a wig to go with it? He doesnt look like a normal person in his “real life” if ur fbi found any incriminating photo더킹카지노s, I feel like he could hav카지노 사이트e easily seen some other evidence which shows that ur girlfriend is faking it and ur fake fan base is bigger then ur real fans, how is this possible? It doesnt seem like he has the energy to be making up this stuff. He could have just said it for obvious reasons, and it will come out eventually, just think how long it will take him to do it.

James바카라 said on 19/Oct/12

If u go out, dont say your best with a beard, look away and when you see u, dont speak to them.

James said on 16/Oct/12

Dude thats a little hard to believe that ur fan base is this big. Im sure ur gf will have to take care of his ego with this, even though it isnt his fault.

James said on 5/Oct/12

I agree, its probably best if u don’t even mention ur own real name in these interviews, as they are really going over your head. If you do mention your real name they will probably laugh at you, at your fans, at ur fans, then probably try to find some new way to cover up. Im surprised u did that and didnt try to show up in a fanzine. Like most people in this industry i’ve known.

Slyd said on 26/Sep/12

@James is his fans going to know that u do not know anything, its just another way to cover up to them? he doesnt look like a normal person in ur “real life” and even if he did they can easily find all that other evidence with ur picture or other photos. it looks like ur a nice guy, goo